Make A Difference Digital Summit / Workplace Culture / Mental Health / Wellbeing
Make a Difference
OCTOBER 15 2020
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Full Agenda Coming Soon!

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A Preview of Sessions to be Covered:

  • Leading through a crisis: discover how by prioritising workforce mental health and wellbeing, organisations have laid solid foundations for recovery.
  • Accountability: learn why properly training people managers and setting up accountability measures is one of your best wellbeing investments.
  • From HMO’s to EAP’s, apps & integrative wellbeing providers: What is the most effective care model of the future to improve health outcomes?
  • The CEO’s Speak: Hear from some of North America’s most progressive leaders who recognize the business case and social responsibility for investing in employee mental health and wellbeing.
  • 2020 & Beyond: Supporting the mental health of today’s young workers/tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Thriving at Work: the case for investment in wellbeing. How do you successfully integrate into business planning a business case that will ensure return on investment in staff workplace mental health and wellbeing?
  • Burnout: the worker’s plague of 2020’s. We may we not be able to eradicate burnout, we here’s how we can decelerate the incidences.

For all requests regarding speaking and presentation opportunities please contact Heather Kelly